When to Fertilize Your Lawn

25 March, 2014
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The warm weather is struggling to break through but you might start seeing some greening in your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn can really help its strength, color, and resilience. It allows your lawn to develop a stronger, better root system that better combats heat, cold, drought, mowing, foot traffic and other stresses.┬áIf you aren’t fertilizing, consider starting.

If you’re wondering when to fertilize your lawn…


As the spring weather starts to awaken your grass, that’s when you need to fertilize. Some years, like this year, it might be later than earlier. Your grass is coming out of hibernation, and it’s hungry.

Your spring fertilization efforts will strengthen roots and get your lawn off to a good start before the heavy growing season begins. Also, if your lawn had crabgrass last year, apply a combination fertilizer with a pre-emergent to combat it.


By this time, your grass is busy growing and using up stored energy. Supply your lawn with a fertilizer designed for this time of year. Keep in mind that weeds like broadleaf are actively growing, too. Hit them and feed your lawn with a combination of fertilizer with broadleaf weed control (also called a “weed-n-feed”).


Summer is hard on your lawn. The heat, possible drought, additional foot traffic, and insects place stress on the grass.

Feeding your lawn in the summer helps to protect and strengthen it against these stresses. Kentucky lawns should be fertilized over the summer months as they grow steadily from spring to fall. Additionally, if there are insects in your grass during this time, use a fertilizer that also contains insect control.


Fall generally offers ideal conditions for your lawn: cool nights, more rainfall and morning dew.

With these favorable conditions, the lawn is ready to grow again, and needs nutrients to recover from summer damage. Experts will say this is the single most important lawn fertilizing of the year. Do your final application right before the winter months, to help the grass prepare for the dry winter. Fertilizing this one last time will strengthen roots and increase nitrogen storage for an early spring greening and a hardier lawn in the coming year.

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