We Had A Late Spring… Now What?

21 May, 2013
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It’s been cold, it’s been rainy, and it’s been near impossible to ready your yard for spring. The good news is that it isn’t too late now to get everything done that you want but the bad news is you have less time to do it before the sweltering summer weather sets in.

Install your annuals

It’s not too late to get your annual flowers from our store and plant them in your garden. The biggest challenge is finding good ones the later in the season you go because the stores can get picked over. But we’re still well stocked! It’s also recommended to get your annuals planted in your garden to get adjusted before it gets hot and dry.

Feed your lawn

This is still an optimal time to get lawn fertilizer down before the summer. You want the fertilizer on your lawn before you have to water your lawn in the hot summer sun every day.

Double-check your irrigation system

Your lawn probably hasn’t needed its sprinkler system yet judging from all the rain we’ve gotten, so you may not have turned it on after winter. Check it and make sure you don’t have any leaks or problems. This is something you’d want to know before the summer when your lawn is thirsty! And nobody wants to be puttering around in the hot, humid sun trying to figure out what’s wrong with their sprinkler system.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Come by one of our three locations and we can help you prepare your garden and lawn for spring and summer!

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