Tips for Planting Shrubs

08 April, 2014
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If you stop by our Frank Otte garden centers, we have lots of shrubs available! What’s important, though, when you invest in your shrub, is taking the proper measures for planting shrubs in your yard. Here are some tips for planting shrubs:

1. Be sure the shrub you have is ideal for the spot you chose

If your shrub needs sunlight, be sure the spot you’ve picked out can provide that. Remember that some shrubs have very strong root systems, so those you’d want to avoid planting those close to your home so they don’t damage the foundation.

2. Measure before you dig

Make sure the hole you dig your shrub is the right size, so measure the shrub’s root ball and dig a hole with the right size. Remember to loosen the sides and bottom of the hole with a gardening fork to make the soil more conducive to new root growth. Also, make sure you measure between your other plants and items in your garden so you don’t have your shrubs and flowers choking each other out.

3. Weed control

Along with weed control fertilizer, consider putting down black plastic or newspaper to keep the weeds away. Black plastic lasts much longer, but newspaper with soy ink is biodegradable and is much better for the environment.

4. Prepare the soil

Your shrub has specific requirements for soil. Be sure to find out before you plant because you might have to make alterations to your soil. Our staff at Frank Otte are very knowledgeable and will guide you in the right direction.

5. Feed the shrub

Flowering shrubs, especially, need nutrients. Look into fertilizers or you can grind up some banana peels and coffee grounds.

6. Keep up with pruning

Pruning your shrubs keep them growing strong. Remove any dead or damaged branches or leaves. Prune some of the branches away in spring to clean up your shrub.

7. Mulch

Mulch helps keep the roots cool, retain moisture, and discourages weeds growth. Mulch can also hold your black plastic or newspaper in place. However, there are specific mulch needs for certain shrubs and locations.

When you buy shrubs from Frank Otte, our knowledgeable staff will help you get together everything you need to keep it healthy and strong all year long! Stop by and get your shrubs today from our store!

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