Summer Watering Tips for Your Plants and Flowers

10 June, 2015

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It is important to properly water your plants and flowers during the hot summer months. Follow these tips to keep your plants looking great all summer long:

1. Check Moisture Level – Before watering plants, check to see if your plant really needs it – the top of the soil can look dry, even though just below the soil line it is still moist. Stick your finger into the soil all the way to the second knuckle. If it feels dry at your fingertip, your plants need water.

2. Water the Soil, Not the Leaves – It turns out that some plants – ones with hairy leaves – are susceptible to sunburn if you get water on their leaves in the sun. Water droplets can act like mini-magnifying glasses and burn your plant. Even if your plant’s leaves are smooth, it is still a good idea to water the soil and not the leaves, if you can. Wet leaves can lead to an increased chance of fungus, mildew and other diseases.

3. Water Deeply – The most important thing when watering plants is to give them a good, long drink – optimally, until water runs out the hole in the bottom of your container. You do this because, depending on the size of your pot, many of the plant’s roots will be down towards the bottom and you want them to be able to get water too. It will also encourage roots to grow down toward the bottom of the pot, which is better for plants

4. Don’t Rely on the Rain – Even if you think that a rain shower has watered your plants, check anyhow. Sometimes a plant’s foliage and flowers can act like an umbrella and actually keep water from getting to your soil.

Do what you can to keep water in the ground. An organic mulch such as wheat straw, finely ground bark, pine needles, or chopped-up leaves spread on the ground around and under plants is a welcome barrier between the moist soil and the hot sun. A 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch makes a huge difference in hot weather.

If you have any questions about watering your plants, lawn, or garden – call or visit your Frank Otte Garden Center!

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