Below are some steps that you should take to protect your flowers and plants during a Spring frost or freeze in Louisville, KY.

The following plants and flowers should be covered: azaleas, annuals, (pansies not included) and tomato plants. Japanese Maple trees are particularly susceptible to frost damage and should be covered.

  1. Frost occurs at 36 degrees. Other weather conditions influence the impact the the frost
  2. Cover blooming plants with CLOTH. Never plastic. It can freeze on the plants and cause damage. Clothes pins work to secure the cloth. Cardboard boxes work too. Remember to secure the boxes so that they don’t blow away. A 4″ ground staple (available in our stores) can secure the box. Glass jars work for small plants.
  3. Water plants thoroughly during the day and cover before dusk for the best protection.
  4. Remember to uncover the next day.
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