Pet Friendly Gardening Tips And Considerations

10 September, 2013
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Planting and maintaining a beautiful garden can have its challenges, but pet owners have their work really cut out for them. In fact, some pet owners don’t even bother gardening because they’re worried their pets will lay waste to all their hard work. Here are a few tips and considerations for pet friendly gardening!

Know Your Pet’s Path Around The Yard

This is especially true for dog owners, whose dogs may like to make their rounds through the yard. Take note of where your dog or cat likes to bask in the sun — you may not want to put your vegetable garden there. But, if you do want to…

Create Boundaries

Using small fencing or raised up flower beds will help you deter your pet from trampling on your plants. Paving a path and raising up your gardens can help your pet distinguish where to walk. If you’re looking for a new way to keep your pet in your yard, hedges or densely planted areas can work great.

Build a storage shed for anything you need to for your garden, and keep tools like rakes, tillers, and hoes that could cause trauma and pose a tetanus risk away from your dogs.

Work On Training

Treats and redirection are key to communicating to your pet where they can and cannot go. If your dog has the urge to dig and you cannot keep him from doing it, try setting up a sandbox in one part of your yard with toys buried in it. Guide him to play in the sandbox and if he ever strays, take him back to dig in his approved area.

Use Pet-Friendly Plants

Be sure you’re providing shade for your pets. Consider smaller trees that don’t have big surface roots, like Japanese Maple, Crape Myrtle and Redbud, that will provide a shady place for your pet to lounge. Avoid thorny plants that could snag your pet and opt for either planting them out of the way, like training your roses up, or use thornless berries: like Black Satin Blackberry, and Raspberry Shortcake or Canby Red Raspberries. Plant some Catmint for the felines!

Keep in mind plants and treatments that can be toxic for pets. Avoid using insecticide if you can. Flowers like lilies and azaleas and wood like black walnut are poisonous to dogs. Check out a full list by the AKC.

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