Landscape Cleanup, Mulching & Fertilizing

26 March, 2013
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landscape cleanupAs we start to head into the warmer season, grass and plants are going to start waking up and growing again. At this time in the season, it’s our job to make sure that they get what they need to grow beautifully. Before flowers get installed and lawns get mowed, there are a couple things we like to do.

Landscape Cleanup

After an entire winter of dryness and dormancy, your grass needs a little bit of TLC to grow and fill in. The first step is to thoroughly remove the debris from the lawn. We usually try to rake out all the dead grass bits and leaves and other items that are sitting on the lawn. This debris can choke out the grass by blocking the sun, water or nutrients from the grass roots. After all the dead grass and leaves are removed from the lawn, it needs a solid watering and cutting. Our landscaping services don’t include mowing but we have everything you need at our stores to do it yourself! Getting your landscape cleaned up is the first step to having an inviting lawn. If your lawn wasn’t edged in the fall, this is something important that we like to do to keep the yard looking neat. We usually use a spade to cut a nice, clean edge where the landscape bed meets the lawn.


A good mulching is really important for the bulbs you have already planted in the ground as well as whatever future flower installs you plan to do. Mulch can improves water penetration and air movement, reduces evaporation from the soil, discourage weed growth, and protect plants with roots close to the surface from exposure. Having mulch on your soil can help maintain or improve soil quality, and protection from the elements is especially important now while we fluctuate from freezing temperatures to hot, sunny days. Having mulch put down now will also help mitigate any weed growth early.


All of us at Frank Otte Group recommend using a four-step fertilizing program and we remember it with the acronym EMIL.We also recommend the use of additional weed-killing products like Weed B Gone in between these three steps.

E is for Easter, when it’s time to apply pre-emergent Crabicide weed treatment. This stops the weed seeds from germinating and there is a really small window of opportunity to get it right.

M is for Memorial Day, when it’s time to lay down the straight fertilizer. The fertilizers we recommend contain lots of nitrogen and promote greening, which is what you want to see in the summertime.

I for Independence Day, when you should weed and feed your lawn during those hot summer months.

L is for Labor Day, when you start to prepare for fall with a fertilizer that stimulates root growth. This preparation is important to having a thick lawn come spring.

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Also, keep in mind that early spring is the best time to transplant shrubs and small trees before they wake up if you’re considering doing some rearranging.

Contact us here to start your landscape cleanup and mulching today! Availability is going fast.

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