February Gardening Tips

Send for seed and nursery catalogs. Order seeds and plants as early as possible for best selection.

Prune summer- and fall-blooming woody plants, including vines, shrubs and trees.

Prune and shape trees and shrubs

Clean leaves on lawns and in beds

Make an early appointment with your landscape designer. While the landscape season has not yet busted open, February is a great time to make your appointment early with your landscape designer to get things moving on your landscape while they have some extra time to devote to your project.

Compost can also work wonders during the winter. Unfinished compost generates it’s own heat (up to 160 degrees) as soil bacteria break down organic matter. You can put a compost pile on top of your garden to protect bulbs and perennial plants from frost. When the compost is finished, the resulting humus is a great soil amendment. Humus is light and fluffy, which helps it absorb moisture and aerate the ground. Humus is also rich in nutrients and helpful bacteria. When spring comes around, the areas where you worked compost into the ground will experience rapid root growth and boosted health.

Re-mulch your landscape beds and apply a granular weed control such as preen to reduce weed seed from germinating

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