Types Of Mulch

23 July, 2013
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Mulches are a great soil covering because they have multiple benefits for your garden. They insulate your soil from temperature fluctuations, help retain moisture, control weed growth, and prevent soil erosion. However, there are lots of types of mulches meant for different types of gardens. Hardwood Mulch Hardwood mulch is great for at keeping down weed […]

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Landscape Cleanup, Mulching & Fertilizing

26 March, 2013
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As we start to head into the warmer season, grass and plants are going to start waking up and growing again. At this time in the season, it’s our job to make sure that they get what they need to grow beautifully. Before flowers get installed and lawns get mowed, there are a couple things […]

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April Gardening Tips

10 April, 2012
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Apply grass seed now with a new lawn starter fertilizer.  Beware, if you applied crabgrass pre-emergent last month, new grass seed will also not germinate. Postpone seeding for another month or wait until fall. Fertilize your evergreens and deciduous trees now. Start your veggie & herb seeds inside so you can transplant them outside in your […]

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