March Gardening Tips

01 March, 2012
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Treat any shrubs that might have struggled with insect problems last year with a dormant oil spray.  Treat before temperatures warm up enough and those insects break dormancy . Trees and shrubs are now arriving at Frank Otte Nursery Apply crabgrass and weed preventer. Cut back roses and ornamental grasses. Spot seed thin or bare […]

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Select flowers according to lighting (sun or shade). Look at the mature size of plants and arrange accordingly by height. Amend soil with Peat moss; Michigan peat or any other good soil conditioner. When possible squeeze the bottom of the container so as to allow the flower to come out of the container easily.  Pulling […]

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Shrub Planting Tips

27 February, 2012
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Select shrubs that will grow to the appropriate height and diameter based on the location. Remove from container by loosing the pot from around the root ball either by cutting the container away or loosening the pot by pushing down on it. Once the shrub is out of the container loosen the roots with a […]

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Tree Planting Tips

27 February, 2012

When transporting a tree; the branches should be bound tight so as to avoid wind damage (when leaves or needles are present) during transportation. Trees should always be handled by the root ball not the trunk.  Excessive handling of a tree especially by the trunk can cause root damage. Plant the tree ASAP after purchase […]

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Send for seed and nursery catalogs. Order seeds and plants as early as possible for best selection. Prune summer- and fall-blooming woody plants, including vines, shrubs and trees. Prune and shape trees and shrubs Clean leaves on lawns and in beds Make an early appointment with your landscape designer. While the landscape season has not […]

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