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Watch For Whitefly Infestation

24 September, 2013
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Whitefly infestation is often a scourge of crops. There are a variety of species of whitefly and they damage plants by tapping into the phloem of plants and injecting their toxic saliva. One of our landscaping experts has noticed whitefly infestations on her backyard plants, tomatoes and hydrangeas. The whiteflies probably originated with the tomato […]

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Pet Friendly Gardening Tips And Considerations

10 September, 2013
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Planting and maintaining a beautiful garden can have its challenges, but pet owners have their work really cut out for them. In fact, some pet owners don’t even bother gardening because they’re worried their pets will lay waste to all their hard work. Here are a few tips and considerations for pet friendly gardening! Know […]

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12 August Gardening Activities

06 August, 2013
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A common misconception in this area is that the hot, muggy Kentucky August is no time for puttering around the garden. But that couldn’t be more wrong! There’s lots to do in your garden in August, like squeezing out another harvest from your vegetable garden or preparing for fall. Check out these 12 August gardening […]

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Types Of Mulch

23 July, 2013
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Mulches are a great soil covering because they have multiple benefits for your garden. They insulate your soil from temperature fluctuations, help retain moisture, control weed growth, and prevent soil erosion. However, there are lots of types of mulches meant for different types of gardens. Hardwood Mulch Hardwood mulch is great for at keeping down weed […]

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Time To Plan Fall Vegetable Gardens

09 July, 2013
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The state of Kentucky is in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Map zone 6, which gives us a climate of mild winters and a long growing season for gardeners across the state. That’s great news for us because we can get a fall harvest in! In order to take advantage of fall vegetables, it’s almost time […]

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